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Director - Ciel Turich

Ciel was born in Mumbai back when it was called Bombay and spent his childhood between India and France where he is still a citizen.  He has led a storied life eventually bringing him to the United States where he fell in love with film.  Once of his first connections to the medium was when his grandmother took him to see Spielberg's E.T. 

Being an alien to his surroundings himself he identified in a way that moved him to his core.  He received a scholarship to the University of Washington where he majored in Psychology and Sociology since sadly they didn’t (and still don’t) have a film program.  Upon getting his BA he went back to Europe for a year and a half during which time he traveled extensively and spent a ski and climbing season in Chamonix France. 

Directly upon return he moved to Los Angeles where he worked in development for 3 years for Sundance and various other niche houses in international marketing and distribution.  Being disenfranchised from only getting to talk about rather than make film he took a sojourn into the lucrative but soul crushing corporate finance world.  Having a firm grasp of the obvious and being good with numbers,  he was recruited to work for Morgan Stanley and successively UBS Paine Webber where he toiled away in obscurity honing his craft of writing in the margins as time permitted. 

He was able to save up and put himself thru film school and, upon completion, he moved immediately to Los Angeles where he has been making film on a freelance basis.  His income is primarily derived as a DP but his true passions lie on the direction end.  He has written a feature and has a couple others in progress that seek funding to go into production.  When not making film you can find him on the trail with his dog or in a bikram yoga class if given his way. 

Producer & Writer - Katey Darling

As a producer, Katey Darling draws heavily from her theatre training as she borrows key ideologies from ensembles and company troupes, believing that finding good people is like finding gold.  

Having grown up in Los Angeles, Katey Darling completed her undergraduate education in San Diego, CA.  There she graduated Cum Laude with 3 Bachelor of Arts degrees including Communications (Theatre), Musical Composition and Vocal Performance.  After school, she spent several years working in the corporate world in various Public Relations roles, specializing primarily in strategic alliance building and corporate video producing.

In 2010, Darling co-produced the Emmy Nominated PSA "Casa Colina" with Todd Covelli during their time together at  Between 2008-2011 Katey was also responsible for developing content and producing over 1,000 corporate/nonprofit videos for a variety of different clients/purposes.

Returning to Los Angeles in 2011 in order to transition into narrative work, she is currently producing microbudget independent projects through her production company “Deluzional Pictures” including short films, webisodes, and TV programming while continuing her work in strategic alliance building for a variety of corporate and nonprofit clients.  She is also co-producer for the North Hollywood CineFest, an annual international film festival in the heart of the world famous "NoHo Arts District."  Her long-term goal is to gradually work up to producing large-budget feature films.

Interrogation represents her first narrative script writing credit.  For more information on Katey's performances visit or her IMDB.

While her favorite activity is usually  working on her next project, she does also enjoy swing dancing, wing chun kung fu, spending time at the shooting range, traveling and spontaneously joining any "puppy party" she can find at the park.